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Community Programs

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation delivers a suite of successful programs that are helping to raise awareness of the issues around alcohol and other drug problems, and reduce harm in our communities.

Good Sports Program

Good Sports is Australia’s largest preventive health program for the community sport sector. Good Sports strives to make community sporting clubs healthier, safer and more family-friendly places. The program supports clubs to progressively introduce a set of practices and policies that create a culture of responsible drinking within the club. The changes aim to put the emphasis back on people and sport rather than alcohol.

Good Sports’ success has been established by operating at a grassroots level in partnership with like-minded organisations. Good Sports works because it offers sporting clubs practical solutions to real problems experienced by them. It works because it offers clubs the hands-on project officer support and resources they need to succeed at no cost to them. And it works because participation is voluntary and clubs are free to progress through the program at their own pace according to their ‘readiness’ to achieve culture change within their club.

Modules within the program include:

Healthy Eating

Good Sports Healthy Eating promotes healthy food and drink within community sporting clubs. It is all about making gradual changes to the management of alcohol and provision of food within the club, building more healthy, safe and family-friendly environments. The program especially in Queensland combines the core Good Sports program and Food for Sport: Healthy Food and Drink Guidelines for Sporting Clubs.

Healthy Minds
Good Sports Healthy minds is a community response in Tasmania which acts as the link between prevention and early intervention around mental health and substance use in community sporting clubs. The program is founded on the recognition that sports clubs are the heart of many communities. With the right help they can become health and mental health promoting environments. 

The Good Sports program has been implemented across Australia since 2000. Find out if your club is a Good Sports club.

Community Engagement and Action Program (CEAP)

The NSW Government’s Community Engagement and Action Program (CEAP) is administered by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation. The program oversees the coordination and operation of Community Drug Action Teams (CDATs). CDATs are groups of people working together to reduce alcohol and other drug harms in their local communities and there are approximately 75 CDATs across NSW. 

Find out where your nearest CDAT is and take part in the community action.