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For many people, a graphic report produced by ABC1’s Four Corners program on alcohol-fuelled violence is further proof that the community needs to rethink its relationship with alcohol.

For other, it’s a huge wakeup call.

Punch Drunk deals with what doctors, paramedics and police have called a crisis. The Australian Drug Foundation (ADF) agrees.

This is about the health and safety of our community. Alcohol’s annual cost is estimated at more than $15 billion.

There are straight forward steps we can take to reduce the damage to our community.

The ADF is calling on governments around Australia to:
-    Adopt the successful Newcastle model – reduce trading hours and introduce lockouts;
-    Reduce density of on-premises venues and packaged liquor outlets;
-    Tax all alcohol products by volume, not price;
-    Preferentially tax low alcohol products;
-    End alcohol marketing to young people.

Research shows what is effective – the challenge is to insist that politicians and policymakers act on it.